Line Card

Custom DC/DC Converters up to 2100 Watts
Brick/Chassis Mount Solutions
DC/DC Converters up to 50 Watts
AC/DC Power Supplies, switching up to 480 Watts
Powerland Logo
Electric Vehicle Chargers
Energy Recycling
Solar Inverters
Standex Electronics
Worldwide market leader in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components
Allied Components International
Magnetic Component Solutions
TG3 Electronics
Custom Interface Devices: Medical/Sealed Keyboards, Rugged Keyboards, Bump Bars, Custom Displays & Control Panels
Young Ji Electronics
Membrane Switches & Touch Displays
AC/DC Cooling Fans & Blowers, LED Heat Sinks, Custom Heat Sinks
Logic Americas
Standard & Custom LCD Touch Displays
Remote Asset Health Condition Monitoring: Vibration and Temperature Sensors
Thermo Heating Elements
Custom Heating Elements/Heaters:
Silicone Rubber, Polymer Thick Film, Tubular, Optically Clear, Mica, Kapton, Pantograph
Dexter Research Center
World Leader in Thermopile Products:
Infrared Imaging, Temperature Measurement,
Thermacon Motion Sensors
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