• Eric Rindahl

Benefits of planar technology vs. wire-wound?

Updated: May 10, 2018

Standex Electronics planar magnetics include planar transformers and planar inductors available in a variety of standard core sizes with custom configurations. As more and more industries begin to feel the push toward higher efficiency and performance along with miniaturization, the planar transformer continues to emerge as an alternative to wire-wound transformers.

Planar Magnetics

  • Low package profile and weight relative to wire wound equivalent

  • Very efficient high frequency operation, 98-99% to 40kHz – 500kHz (typ)

  • Low AC Resistance: Minimum skin effect – flat, split windings. Management of proximity effect

  • Excellent repeatability thanks to pre-tooled components

  • Low DC Resistance – efficient use of copper

  • Low Leakage Inductance – interleaving

  • Easily termination of multiple windings

  • Standard outlines are compatible with application - specific custom designs

  • Flat, compact construction allows for effective thermal management

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